Blogs and Twitter

Today, in society there are so many forms of social media out there i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, blogs etc. that people can tap into. These “new” forms of social media are easier ways for people to communicate with one another, by bringing them together through common interests. They allow us to express our opinions and beliefs. In some form or another they are all a type of blog. Blogs can be described in a few different ways. You can have a personal blog, a business blog, media blog and other types. Overall, a blog is a website that a writer or many different writers go to, to share their opinions, beliefs and experiences with others. Bloggers, as they are called, often put images and links to other websites within their blog entries. Twitter is also another example of a blog except it is called a mini blog due to the fact that your thoughts and opinions can be no more than 140 characters. Social media in the last decade has really taken on a life of its own.  It is now how the world communicates with one another.

A personal blog is for people’s own thoughts and opinions on issues and is used for personal use only. Twitter is a good example of a mini personal blog, where people can quickly write down their thoughts in a very fast and convenient way. This way you usually always get instant feedback from your followers. The other purpose people use blogs for the majority of the time is their businesses.  They are able to promote and talk about their businesses with these business blogs. A lot of companies will create a blog where their clients and employees can go and give feedback about the company.

Blogs can be a very positive experience for people to write and to read. I personally love twitter.  I think it is great to be able to express myself very easily and quickly without much hassle. I also love the feature of getting instant feedback from my followers and am able to have conversations with them. I have never written a long personal blog or a business blog before so I am new to this experience of blogging. , ,


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